Lets celebrate Original Edition Dungeons & Dragons Month 2019

Greetings, it’s been awhile since I last posted to this blog; this will be the first of several interrelated posts in celebration of Original Edition Dungeons & Dragons month. I am late comer to OD&D as I was truly introduced to it via my primary forum where I moderate at – Ruins of Murkhill. That said I had been introduced to a retro-clone of OD&D and its supplements via the 3rd printing of Sword & Wizardry Complete late in 2017 just before my old face-to-face gaming group imploded. But I didn’t get introduced to OD&D proper until about March of 2018 around a month after I joined Ruins. I have to thank posts by a number of the older members & now former member Rob Kuntz, which inspired me to check out OD&D.

Though I am willing to play in a variety of other RPGS, I’ll only run OD&D, its clone Delving Deeper or Classic Traveller. I had considered running Moldvay & Cook’s Basic and Expert Dungeon & Dragons for awhile but after reading through my version I came to the realization that – why? I have OD&D and Delving Deeper, which is all I need to run my games.

It took me several months to finally come to the point and break the rusty chains that restrained my gaming mentality as both as a player and referee. In the past I thought I needed rules for everything & a robust skill system but I realized that I do not have the desire or ability to memorize hundreds if not thousands of pages of rules to just run a game. I don’t have instant recall, so the rules-lite toolbox of OD&D or Delving Deeper is perfect for me; plus I love DIY philosophy of Old School Role Play of the mid to late 70s that has been largely lost by modern D&D.

I come from the Metal & Punk scenes of the 80s where DIY was still largely a big part of the underground music based subcultures. So the Old School DIY gaming philosophy appeals to me on a deep level. I can tweak OD&D to fit the needs of the campaign I am running at a given time; where as more modern editions of D&D means you need to cut out chunks of interconnected subsystems and strip nearly everything that makes that edition what it is. So I have to ask why? To me the answer is very easy – there is zero need to use those editions when I got the perfect toolbox for my campaigns with OD&D.

In my following posts I’ll discuss aspects of OD&D that make up the whole but can be used either by-the-book, tweaked or dumped if so desired without changing the default role-playing philosophy and mentality that was integral to the original Role Play & War-gaming scenes. Well I’ll end this post here so I can publish it, Fin.

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