International Original Dungeons & Dragons Day 2019

Greetings, welcome to my International Original Dungeons & Dragons Day 2019 post. In this post I wanted to express my deep & abiding gratitude for not only Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, but everyone alive or who has passed on who contributed to OD&D. I’d like to thank artists Keenan Powell, Greg Bell, C. Corey, Tom Keogh, Dave Sutherland, Tracy Lesch & Gary Kwapisz, who rarely get their due. Though compared to modern D&D artists their art pales by comparison, but they played a role in painting a picture for Referees at the time when fantasy art & creatures were less known.

I’d like to also thank Rob Kuntz, Tim Kask, Brian Blume, Dennis Sustare, Jim Ward, Alan Lucion, Jeff Key & Mike Mornard aka Gronan of Simmerya. If it wasn’t for your contributions, however minor D&D would not be what it became.

Original D&D as you know is my default version of D&D, this might never occurred if it wasn’t for the Ruins of Murkhill forums. I’d like to thank Halenar Frosthelm aka The Perilous Dreamer, Rob, Mike, Chet & all the old hands that helped stoke my interest & love in OD&D. I had just joined to get Scott Anderson’s Treasure Hunters Referee PDF and if it wasn’t the members of this community that embraced me unlike at other forums. I’d also like to thank bestialwarlust, mao, mightydarcy, ripx187, bravewolf, el borak, piper and others I’ve had wonderful interactions with. You’ve all have fostered a great forum that helped me evolve my gaming mentality into a more “Make Shit Up” Old School one compared the “By-the-Book” mentality I was shackled with.

As I end this post I want to ask my readers (few they may be) to remember that without Gary & Dave and their game Dungeons & Dragon our beloved hobby would not exist or if it did, it’d be radically different than it has become. Also remember you do not need a ton of mechanical rules and artificial options to have fun. You just need some good and imaginative friends, a handful of dice, a pencil, and some paper; plus a few guidelines to create worlds of adventure for a few hours to escape the stress and anxiety that you might deal with day to day. Those few hours are a blessing & so please cherish them when you get the opportunity. And as Rob is fond of saying “just make shit up” & have fun. Cheers.

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