The Warrior-Magi Class for my OD&D Campaigns


By Victoria Sakolova

Greetings, in this post I will be describing the Warrior-Magi. I have always loved the idea of the Warrior-Mage and let’s face it a lot of D&D/Fantasy RPG fans do too.

I decided to basically reskin the Cleric as the foundation for my Warrior-Magi class. It was basically what a Cleric was except with holy magic.

Whereas Clerics get Turn Undead, have limited spells (including no spells at 1st Level) I decided to restructure their spell per levels. Also unlike a Cleric a Warrior-Magus cannot wear heavy armor, but they can use bladed weapons.

That said they are limited in the types of weapons that they can use. If they use a shield they cannot cast spells.

Another difference between Clerics and Warrior-Magi is that Warrior-Magi are trained in martial arts – both unarmed and armed combat.

They are not the equivalent to Monks though they can do damage unarmed and on a natural 12 on a 2d6 or 20 on a d20 attack roll they do 2d6 damage to unarmored opponents.


By Lindsey Burcar

HD d6  Alignment Any


• Can only wear Leather Armor

• If using a Shield they cannot cast spells

Weapons Available:


I Darts

Bows (not including Crossbows)




Hand Axes

Attribute Requirements:

Str, Con, Dex & Int of 10 as a minimum.


• Saves as Cleric

• Attacks as Cleric against non-Humanoid opponents.

• Unarmed combat (described above)

• Spells are a mix of what was Cleric & Magic-User Spell lists with modifications.

• Like with all Magic-Users using Chaotic spells frequently can lead to corruption and mutations developing.


Though powerful at higher levels Warrior-Magi are still prone to death. Outside magical protection they are still glass cannons. Plus they need to stay out of melee combat and be protected while casting spells.

They are not front line fighters by any means, they are just more sturdy and versatile in combat that Magic-Users.

Because of their powerful abilities especially at higher levels even with the listed restrictions they will be rare.

I hope that you find this class of interest and I plan to post soon my version of a Druid and cover Magic-Users and their specialized variants soon. Till then take care, fin.

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