The Resurrection & Rebranding of this Blog

Greetings, I have chosen to resurrect this blog and do a slight rebranding. This rebranding will simply be an expanding beyond Original Edition Adventures to incorporate content for 1e AD&D/OSRIC, Basic-Expert D&D/OSE, Holmes Basic and BECMI D&D. Instead of trying to keep up multiple separate Geeky Blogs beyond this and my main one I am combining all my Classic D&D content here in this blog.

My main blog will go back to being my GENERAL Geeky blog, covering non-D&D based RPGs – such as WEG 1e Star Wars, various OSR and other quirky Indie games I like; amongst stuff like Manga, Anime, Video Games and the like.

I’ll be posting once a week on this blog, so I can keep up on my blogging. If I have the desire to post more than that I’ll simply do so and set it to post on a scheduled basis. That way if I have a brief drought of content, there will be stuff ready to post.

As part of this rebranding I’ll be creating pages dedicated to the various Classic D&D systems that I’ll be producing content for. That way each system will be kept separate (if I can figure the page system out) so fans of the various editions get their content without having to wade through content they don’t want via the main feed.

This is all for this missive, as I have to finish the rebranding process both here and on my main blog. So please take care and be kind to each other…until next week. Fin.

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